The course of lectures

The discipline – European tendencies of resource-saving in computer science teachers preparing

Number of the lecture Names of themes of disciplines and their short content Hours
Lecture 1

Prolegomena in the discipline.

Jean Monnet program. Erasmus + program. Module "European resource-saving trends in the training of computer science teachers" European Union (symbolism, history, composition)

Lecture 2

Legislation of the Russian Federation and the EU in the sphere of resource- saving and IT.

Reference systems of the Russian Federation. Reference systems of EU countries. Acquaintance with "Consultant Plus".

Lecture 3

Fundamentals of European approaches to energy- and resource- saving in IT sphere.

The concept and classification of resources. Defining features of resource-saving technologies. European and Russian experience in resource conservation sphere. The concept of energy and energy-saving. Types of energy-saving technologies. World experience of energy- saving (European experience. Technologies of energy-saving in Russia and Europe)

Lecture 4

Tools of resource-saving information processes implementing.

Concepts and components of information and communication technologies from the perspective of saving technologies. The main functions and characteristics of energy and resource-saving equipment. Energy consumption for input / output devices and other hardware. Resource-saving with the help of tablet and mobile technologies.

Lecture 5

Informational resources.

Free software as a resource-saving technology. Electronic document management systems as a resource-saving toolkit. Electronic libraries and tablet technologies as a resource for the save of wood raw materials.

Lecture 6

Green Information Technology.

Basic concepts and principles of green IT.

Lecture 7

Cloud and network technologies.

Concepts and definitions of cloud and network technologies. Cloud service as an element of green IT.

Lecture 8

Intellectual resources.

The concept and classification of intellectual resources (and their resource-saving) with the use of modern information technologies and artificial intelligence.

Lecture 9

Resource-saving educational technology.

E-learning. Health-saving technologies.