Laboratory classes

The discipline – European tendencies of resource-saving in computer science teachers preparing

Number of the lecture Names of themes of disciplines and their short content Hours
Theme 1

Resource-saving technologies.

The resource-saving brainstorming. The creation of mental map in MindMap network apps.

Theme 2

Energy-saving technologies.

The future of energy-saving of Russia and European Union. The learning of local programs of energy-saving. Overview of resources information regulations. Report preparation.

Theme 3

Modern tablet technologies.

Overview and comparison of tablet and mobile devices from resource-saving view point. The creation of presentations.

Theme 4

Devices and tools of office for resource-saving technologies.

The overview. Technical parameters of energy-saving. Calculation of energy consumption of input / output and peripheral devices.

Theme 5

Information resources.

Free software as resource-saving technologies. Electronic document management systems as a resource-saving toolkit. Electronic libraries and tablet technologies as a resource for the save of wood raw materials. Preparation of presentations and reports.

Theme 6

Green IT.

The implementation of individual projects.

Theme 7

Cloud and network technologies.

Overview of cloud and web services from the green IT view point. Creating a structure of resource-saving technologies based on the use of network technologies.

Theme 8

Intellectual sources.

«Intellectual resources» brainstorming. The creation of mental map in MindMap network apps. The remote conference for «Artificial intelligence».

Theme 9

Resource-saving educational technologies. The creation of mental map in MindMap network apps.

Work in LMS Moodle. Network survey "E-learning".  Preparation of electronic posters and presentations.