The Preparation of a Modern Computer Science Teacher with the Help of Resource-Saving Technologies and Green IT Implementation

Pankratova O. P., Konopko E. A., Mezentseva O. S., Nemkov R. M. North-Caucasus Federal University.


The main trend of a modern education is the rational using of infor-mation resources in the educational programs implementation. In this regard, it is important to apply resource-saving (RST) and green IT (GIT) technologies in ed-ucation. Green IT culture education should start at school, and universities should produce qualified teachers who are able to organize training using these technolo-gies. However, there is a shortage of such teachers in schools and universities. The module "European resource-saving trends in Computer Science teacher training" was introduced into the educational curriculum of bachelors in order to solve this problem. It is necessary to use this module so that bachelors (future teachers of computer science) will be ready to apply and introduce methods of in-novative training in schools based on GIT and RST. The following results have been achieved during the implementation of this project: a course of lectures and practical exercises on the declared module have been developed, remote module support and a virtual platform have been created. It promotes European traditions and experience in RST and GIT through the Internet. The novelty of the project implementation is the partnership activity of students and teachers with use of fo-rums, online discussions, webinars, blogs, scientific consultations and joint pub-lications.


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REMS 2018
Multidisciplinary Symposium on Computer Science and ICT